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Nainggolan To Play On Saturday?

Radja Nainggolan

After getting injured in the Milan derby, we all thought that midfielder Radja Nainggolan would be out for another week or so, but that apparently is not the case.

According to Inter boss Luciano Spalletti, Nainggolan “trained today” and could get “half an hour” against Genoa on Saturday. That would put him in line to play against Barcelona on Tuesday.

“He’s showing how strong he is,” Spalletti said in his pre-match Press conference.

“He trained today, he’s strong and he did the extra work he had to do. He was in pain but he endured it, and implicit in this is the quality of Dr Volpi’s staff.

“We have first class staff here, and they’ve got him back on the pitch in just a few days.

“It seems difficult to use him tomorrow, but he’s with the group already and he’s got half an hour in him tomorrow because he’s the kind of character who wants to be involved.

“It’s difficult to use him tomorrow though, unless there’s a specific situation which calls for it.

“We can’t judge how Inter’s season will go based on one player though, sometimes we’ll have someone missing and in that situation it’s fundamental for whoever comes in to step up.

“I played Joao Mario [against Lazio] but I could have chosen three or four others. I played him because he had the characteristics I needed and he responded in the right way.

“Radja is strong, just as all the Inter players are.”

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