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No Improvements To San Siro In Foreseeable Future

In a blow to Inter’s bottom line, Milan Mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala believes restructuring of the San Siro in the short term is not possible.

“I think that the dream of giving a different look to San Siro remains a dream because with conditions as they currently are you can not proceed. I did what could be done but at this point it seems to me that the situation does not see a way out soon. I am afraid we will have to wait to work on San Siro and make it an international standard and modern stadium again,” Sala told reporters on the sidelines of Milan Movie Week who asked him for an update on the status of the Milanese club’s shared stadium.

I cannot stress enough how much playing in the San Siro is hurting Inter financially. Despite drawing 353,000 fans more than Juventus last season, Inter still managed to bring in $119m less in matchday revenue than they did. That is a huge discrepancy.

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