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Not Buying Inter Being Linked With Marco Borriello

The Gazzetta dello Sport is linking Inter with a January move for Roma’s Marco Borriello as Walter Mazzarri looks to bring in a striker to take the weight off Palacio.

Mazzarri is familiar with Borriello having worked with him in 2004-05 season at Reggina.

On paper a logical fit then. Inter have a need for an experienced striker while Borriello wants to play more, having started only six league games for Roma all season.

The only problem with the story is that Borriello does not fit the profile that Inter are looking for. For one, at 31 he is the wrong age. Inter want younger players with resale value. That is not Borriello. Two, he salary of €2.7m is out of Inter’s range. I wrote last week that Thohir has decreed that no Inter player should earn more than €2.5m (£2.07m) per year. Borriello obviously exceeds that threshold.

The one way that this deal would work, would be if Inter took Borriello on loan for the rest of the season and Roma paid half of his wages. And that is pretty unlikely to happen.

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