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Not Buying The Story That Mourinho Is Coming Back To Inter

mourinhoLots of stories this weekend about the possibility of Jose Mourinho returning to Inter. It is not going to happen!!

The story came out because Mourinho was speaking at the presentation of an exhibition in his honour in Setubal on Saturday and said

“I have an adventurous spirit and do not know what will happen next season. It’s not easy to choose a new destination after working in England, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

“Maybe I could return to somewhere I’ve already been. Watch out for surprises. The unimaginable could happen.”

Mourinho left Inter in 2010 after winning the Treble, but has never closed the door to a potential return and continues to call himself an ‘Interista.’

In January, Mourinho declared:

“Inter is still my home. It is more than just a club, the like of which I have never found in football.”

That is Mourinho teasing before he officially move to PSG to Man United. Mourinho is a coach driven by challenges. He won everything at Inter. He left a hero. There is no upside to him returning to Inter. Only downside.

Don’t forget also that since Mourinho left, Inter are in midst of a rebuilding phase. The older veterans that helped Mourinho win the treble have almost all left. Replaced by younger, cheaper players with promise and potential. Not the type of player Mou likes. He prefers the finished article. Players who are at or near their peak, who he can lead to new highs. Not kids still learning what it is like to play for one of Italy’s biggest clubs.

I think Mourinho is the best manager in the world. I just cannot see him coming back to Inter. Can you?

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