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Pioli: “Results Will Decide Our Future”

Stefano Pioli admits his Inter side were “disunited” against Sampdoria – “we had to be more of a team”. The Nerazzurri were leading at half-time, but Patrik Schick’s tap-in and a Fabio Quagliarella penalty saw them lose 2-1.

“If it’s like it was at the end [of the season] then it would be negative, but now we have to prove we’re not the team we were in the second half,” Pioli sighed in his post-match interview with Premium Sport.

“You get whistled when you don’t put your all on the pitch and express your qualities to the maximum.

“That said, until Sampdoria equalised the team had played well, holding your opponent off isn’t easy.

“After that we were disunited, we had opportunities to get back in front but we had to be more of a team. That’s the regret.

“If you spend too much time playing individually then the team suffers. Samp gave us a lot of space on the wings and not very much centrally, we used that well but we lacked a precise cross.

“Samp also had a chance at the end where we should have been more careful. We had heart, but if that comes at the expense of balance then it makes it difficult.

“We always play to win, and on this occasion it took away our calm. The game wasn’t finished on the 50th minute.

“In the first half we were a team even when we weren’t in possession, then we couldn’t get the ball off Sampdoria and that unnerved us.

“Even in the frenzy we had chances, but that’s only a small part of the evaluation we need to make. We had to be a team for 95 minutes and we didn’t do that.”

With Napoli now nine points ahead of Inter, the Champions League is surely out of reach. Does Pioli fear for his job?

“I don’t have any fear or any thoughts other than getting the best out of these players. Results decide the future, but you’re talking too much. I’m not worried and I’m not thinking about it.

“We’ll make our assessments on May 28, we’ll have other chances to show we’re a team with value.”

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