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Pioli: I Replaced Icardi With Palacio As I Wanted More Movement

Stefano Pioli saw a “lack of movement” in attack as one of the main reasons for Inter’s defeat to Genoa, which is why he replaced Mauro Icardi.

Inter’s top scorer was surprisingly substituted by Rodrigo Palacio, a decision that left many Inter fans on Twitter shaking their heads in disbelief. So what was the reason for removing Inter’s top scorer for a 35-year-old striker?

“I wanted to shake up the attacking moves with fresh legs. I choose based on what I see in training and in the match. I was not happy with the movements of the forwards today, so I introduced others that I thought could cause problems.

“Icardi wasn’t having his best day, but he wasn’t bad either. We don’t have the players suited to 4-3-3, so today we played with two strikers closer together to create more depth and have more bodies in the box.

“If we had taken some of our chances, then the game would’ve changed. We should’ve been more precise on set plays too.”

If you want more movement you don’t bring Palacio in, especially when you have Gabigol and Andrea Pinamonti on the bench.

Pioli’s inability to make in-match tactical decisions and substitutions that have changed a game have hurt Inter during this winless streak, and we saw it again on Sunday why Pioli is not good enough to get Inter into the top four next season.

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