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Does Rafinha Deal Have Champions League Clause?

Reports out of Spain suggest that the loan deal between Inter and Barcelona for Rafinha has a Champions League clause in it.

Inter finally signed the midfielder on a six-month loan deal on Monday after weeks of negotiations between the two clubs, and Sport has now reported alleged that a clause in the transfer means Inter will have to pay Barca around €35m for Rafinha if they qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Inter also will pay €3m to Barcelona depending on how Rafinha performs during his loan spell, but, given how much both he and Inter wanted the move to occur, he should play well enough to see his loan turned into a permanent switch.

With the rumored Daniel Sturridge deal also including a mandatory purchase agreement for the summer, Inter could be allocating most of their summer transfer budget on two players with a long history of injuries.

Is that a smart move?

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