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Santon Says “Mancini Threw Me Under The Bus”

davide-santonDavide Santon has thanked Frank de Boer for saving his Inter career, while accusing Roberto Mancini of throwing him under the bus.

Santon seemed destined to leave Inter this summer but moves to Napoli, Sunderland and West Ham all failed due to his inability to pass their medical tests. However, the 25-year-old full back has been able to force his way into the Inter starting line-up under De Boer, after being frozen out by former boss Mancini.

“Summer was hard, Mancini considered me the fourth or fifth choice, and we chose to take different paths to ensure that I did not lose a year.

“Mancini preferred other players to me, which is fine, but I continue to not understand why he wanted to take me back here only to decide I wasn’t good enough after half a season.

“I did not expect that it would end up being my destiny to stay here. You know the story from here. De Boer came in, gave me confidence and I started to play. But I never gave up.

“De Boer helped so much, as he talked to me as soon as he arrived, knowing I had a tough summer and needed time to reach 100 per cent. He said he intended to start me and he did.

“For a player it is important to feel the Coach has faith in him: after De Boer’s words I became convinced that, if I trained well, I really could challenge for my place with anyone.

“Mancini threw me under the bus in the Milan derby. I hadn’t played for four months, he put me in the starting XI without warning when I was not ready to play, physically or mentally. That doesn’t take away from the fact I will always be grateful to Mancini for bringing me back to Inter.”

The former Newcastle United full-back also criticized the medics who said he was unfit to make a transfer.

“It’s true, my knee needs looking after and I cannot play five games in 15 days, but that’s a long way from failing a medical. Instead, it happened. The doctors who said no can think what they like, I can play and have no problems, as everyone can clearly see…”

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