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Spalletti Continues To Dig At Icardi In Press Conferences

Sometime as manager you have to be the bigger man. To embrace players publicly, even if you disagreed with their stance, comment or performance. But Inter boss Luciano Spalletti cannot let go of this Icardi situation which had all but died down.

That was before the Nerazzurri boss spoke to Sky Sport after the 0-0 draw against Inter and this is what he had to say:

“Icardi? I don’t want to talk about Mauro since everyone has been talking about him. Today it was Inter Milan playing not Icardi FC. Icardi worked hard today and he will have to keep being more complete if he wants to progress.”

Why? Why go there? Why bring up Icardi FC? Bring up the sitter he missed in the first half. That is fair game. But Spalletti is demonstrating his small club mentality.

He needs to forgot about the Icardi situation for the next seven matches. Embrace Inter’s mercurial striker and help Inter finish in the top four. Then he can criticize Wanda and Mauro all summer when looking for a new job, But this is not the time Luciano

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