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Spalletti: ‘We Do Not Need New Signings’

It seems that Luciano Spalletti is afraid to hurt his players feelings by freshening up the squad in January saying that he doesn’t want to discuss the transfer market because “these players need to know I’m sure of their qualities”.

“To keep saying we need to have a big transfer campaign, after the club has made it clear there are certain parameters to be respected, seems to me the best way to get hurt,” Spalletti warned.

“It’s not correct and it’s not respectful. It also seems to me that it reduces the possibility of improving the level of the team, by thinking about new arrivals.

“It’s the wrong message for our group, because one player can’t change the fate of a team and we can’t do big things in this window.

“There’s nothing I need to be reassured on, I just want to be informed and be clear with the players, who also deserve to be informed.

“That means we can plan for the future in the correct way, without any misunderstandings. These players need know I’m sure of their qualities, they have the potential.

“Equally I have to realise whether they have the feeling of belonging to Inter, and whether they’ll have that for the next five months.

“I think we need to do better than we have done in the last period, even if we can’t throw everything away.

“I want to make sure these players have the same sense of going beyond their maximum, but in these periods it can be like this.

“Opportunity creates the thief, and the transfer market creates the distracted player.

“We can’t make excuses, first of all we can’t cry. To improve we’d have to take a stronger player than we have in the squad, because we have the elements here to achieve our goals.

“Everything can be improved, we might be missing a player in defence, but it’d have to be a stronger one.

“You can say names: [Henrikh] Mkhitaryan, [Javier] Pastore, [Simone] Verdi but they’d cost €30m and we don’t have that.

“There’s no getting around that, or we’d have to find a club that wanted to do a swap. Everyone has difficulties and has to comply with Financial Fair Play.

“Let’s talk about real things. We need to teach the fans, because in the transfer market of fans we’re the directors and we can send them on holiday too.

“When I spoke about the skill of the directors I was talking about the ability to take advantage of opportunities on the fly.

“They have the qualities to do that, but the opportunities have to arise and that’s not easy.

“We have to think about working well, that’s how we can solve our problems.”

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