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Spalletti: “This Was The Performance Of A Strong Side”

Luciano Spalletti believes the fact Inter won away to Cagliari even when struggling shows they are “a strong side” who adjusted tactics when necessary.

Mauro Icardi bagged a brace around Marcelo Brozovic’s strike in the 3-1 victory.

“This was the performance of a strong side, because we started with some difficulties,” confessed the Coach on Mediaset Premium.

“Icardi got this knock early on and for 10 minutes he couldn’t run smoothly. We tried to press them higher, as we were reacting as individuals rather than as units, and Cagliari were flinging themselves into the fire to get to these loose balls first.

“We had some difficulties creating moves from the back, as Cagliari were pressing us so hard it was violent. They were rushing at us at full force the second we got the ball.”

Inter even moved to 3-5-1-1 midway through the first half, coping the Sardinian shape.

“We had to modify a through things, as Cagliari had an excellent start and we suffered under pressure, the way a great team ought to.

“In order to not cause confusion, we went straight for the shape we thought fit this squad and the characteristics of the players. When you do have to change a few things, it can take a while to get used to, but we did much better in the second half.

“I wanted to change our shape, so we basically mirrored Cagliari’s tactics, but it was an issue of getting to grips with the distances and movements. In the second half, we went back to a four-man defence and played more of our football.”

Antonio Candreva put in multiple dangerous crosses and an assist this evening, despite criticism from media and fans.

“Candreva has to listen to us, not what comes from the outside. We have great faith in him, as he has courage, power and these reactions late on even when he looks like he might not have anything left in the tank. He went on a coast-to-coast in the final minutes to create another scoring opportunity, so we are very happy with him.”

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