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Spalletti Press Conference : Inter v Frosinone

Finally, Serie A action returns this week after the international break and from his comments it is clear that Inter boss Luciano Spalletti is still upset with Inter’s 4-1 mauling by Atalanta last time out:

“It’s an important game but it’s not easier than the others,” he said. “The game tomorrow is the first of a very difficult run that will be very important for our future. We need to pay serious consideration to every opponent because playing against a team such as Inter motivates other teams. You can’t have different attitudes for different teams, you only have the Inter attitude.”

“Will the international fixtures and the travelling have an effect with games in quick succession? It’s not really about who I pick but how much we run in these games and dealing with the pressure of having to win these games. The players who will be picked are equal, we have a squad that means we can play in every game at our best, we’re ready to deal with any possible physical issues.”

“In ten minutes, Nainggolan can light up a game, he’s recovered completely. The different characteristics have to be evaluated game by game. Keita has the confidence and what it takes to be a top player at any moment in a game.

“Dalbert? I’m sorry that he can’t be there on Wednesday and that he’s been forced to stop because it had been a good time for him. Politano has the potential to do more than what we’ve seen so far. Icardi is a specialised goalscorer, he steps up when it counts. It’s as though he’s lighter than the rest in the most important moments. Perisic works all over the pitch and gives his all to support the team.”

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