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Spalletti Putting Up de Boer Type Numbers

Franck de Boer. Now that is a name that I never expected to have to write again. But here we are two games into the 2018-19 season and Luciano Spalletti is already being compared to the failed Inter boss.

That is because Spalletti now has the same record as de Boer, as they both managed only one point in the first two games of the season. Only Luigi Radice has a worse record as the Italian manager begun the 1983-84 campaign with two defeats in a row.

Two bad performers and the finger pointing has started already. Before the Torino game, Sporting Director Piero Ausilio added pressure on Spalletti by stating that he believes that the Inter squad “is now complete”.

“We did what we had to do, maintained what we needed to and organised everything with the Coach to make a very competitive side,” Ausilio told Sky Sport Italia.

“Last week at Sassuolo was a slip-up, it can happen, but the quality of the squad cannot be put in doubt because of that.”

Spalletti countered that by blaming the players after the Torino draw:

“It’s not easy to explain why we lost our way in the second half, because we seemed surprised by a long ball from midfield,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“We didn’t give the right consideration to the ball and there can be no other explanation. We then didn’t have the right reaction to pressure. It’s difficult to explain how we conceded those goals, but clearly the reality is that the team is struggling with pressure.”

That’s a lot of finger pointing after just two matches. Inter cannot afford to not pick up all three points at Bologna on Saturday or Spalletti will truly be on the hot seat.

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