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Spalletti: Title Hopes Are Still in Inter’s hands

Luciano Spalletti claims catching Juventus ‘is in Inter’s hands’, starting with the Derby d’Italia on Friday.

The match kicks off tomorrow at 19:45 GMT – click here for a preview.

“They’ll lose if they only think about stopping us,” he said at a Press conference.

“We play to beat every team, but I believe it more now. The team are growing now and are becoming more and more complete in terms of attitude.

“We’ve had some good games recently. We still lack some focus during games, but we’re a great team in terms of names and how we read games.

“We must think the teams we face aren’t so strong and can’t move us off track. On my part, there’s no surrender to Juventus.

“Things come to an end when you stop trying and are no longer convinced by your qualities, not when you lose a game.

“There’s a big gap at the top and the bad news is that catching them will be difficult, but the good news is this is the first step towards that and it’s in our hands.

“Juventus buy players who make a difference every year. Three years ago when I was at Roma, Juve swooped in for Pjanic, who was perhaps our best player, together with De Rossi.

“Last year we had one of the best full-backs in the League in Cancelo and they signed him, plus they took Higuain from Napoli.

“They’re players who help you grow in an attacking sense. This year they’ve signed a champion in Cristiano Ronaldo, and you can’t put the mentality he offers them into words.

“We’ve gone our own way, but we have to take to the field tomorrow with personality and character and I’ve seen important signals in our recent games, although Nainggolan and Dalbert won’t be in the squad.

“Cristiano Ronaldo? Juventus are a team made up of top players in every department. Juve also have GC3, Giorgio Chiellini, who’s a phenomenal player. Just watch what he did in the last five minutes against SPAL…

“He’s not in a department, he is the department because he works along and Juve have many players like that, as do we. The collective, the team, is crucial.”

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