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Stramaccioni: “Sneijder is staying Pazzini? I’ve chosen Milito”

Inter coach Andrea Stramaccioni gave an interview late last week about where Inter are in the tranfer market and here are some of his comments:

It’s looking more and more unlikely that Pazzini will arrive at Inter:

“I know that Giampaolo is a highly valued player but I have no problem in saying that at the centre of this situation is a choice of mine: my first option for centre-forward is Diego Milito. Based on this decision, Inter has the right to make its strategic valuations in the transfer-market.”

Despite the rumours calling for a deal for Lucas to be made, Coutinho is highly considered by the Inter coach:

“Phillipe is one of the most talented players in this new Inter side. He is very important to us. We often forget that he’s only twenty years old: he has matured in Spain and I like him a lot.”

Moving on to Inter’s possible acquisition of Poli and Paulinho, Stramaccioni commented,

“I have high regard for Poli, but as sometimes happens there are dynamics of the transfer-market outside the control of either of us. I don’t think that the negotiations have gone as the club expected, which can also happen sometimes. Paulinho? I don’t know if he is a genuine target of ours: it’s better to ask Branca about that.”

On Sneijder:

“As far as I know he is an Inter player and will stay here. I haven’t had any news to the contrary from the director, the club, or the player himself. Apart from that, I’m sure that if an offer comes in like that for Ibrahimovic or Thiago Silva then anyone can be sold, except for Cordoba and Zanetti. Mudingay? We were considering him, but things have now cooled off a bit. I have faith in Ranocchia and he’s played well for me.”

The coach went on to talk about how he’s settled into his role:

“I just try to be myself. I’ve had the advantage over my predecessors of knowing these players from when I was with the youth team. I try to leave nothing to chance and to take care of all the details. I believe that I’m a good observer and that I know how to get my players to give their best.”

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