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Suning Get Around Financial Fair Play Restrictions

I have to give Suning credit. They want to make Inter a global powerhouse and they are not letting a small thing like Uefa’s Financial Fair Play restrictions get in their way.

The news broke late last year that Inter needed to make a €25-30m profit in the transfer market this month, which seemingly ruled out Suning being able to add any players of quality to Stefano Pioli’s side, which would have hindered the clubs ability to finish in the top three this season.

That was not good enough for Suning, who had already seen Uefa screw up Inter’s Europa League campaign by making Gabigol, Joao Mario and Geoffrey Kondogbia ineligible to play in the group stages.

So Suning fixed the FFP issue by increasing revenue through two sponsorship deals. The first for around €15m a year involved Suning putting their name and banners on Inter’s training ground.

Now Corriere dello Sport is reporting that Suning will raise another €15m from selling the Inter brand for use in advertising in China, having also snapped up the image rights of their players.

Two aggressive moves by Suning to remove something that they saw as an impediment to making Inter successful on the pitch quicker. Its the kind of move that PSG and Manchester City’s owners have used in the past to get around their FFP restrictions.