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Suning Looking For A Buyer For Thohir’s Shares

As our focus in firmly on the Mercato, and who will Inter sign this summer, there is an interesting battle behind the scenes involving Suning and former owner Erick Thohir.

Thohir, who still has the title of President, still owns 30% of Inter and he wants to sell. But Suning are not interested in meeting his asking price of between €150-200m.

At the top end, that values Inter at around €660m, which is well above market value.

According to Corriere della Sera, Suning would prefer that Thohir sell to a third party. It was reported that Suning earlier this week turned down an offer from an unnamed investment fund that wanted to buy the club.

There is nothing to stop the investment fund buying Thohir’s shares and become minority partner in the club. Which would certainly change the dynamic in the boardroom where Suning are very methodical in their approach to the club, where as an investment fund would be much more short-term focused. How can we win today.