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Suning Have So Much Money They Want To Buy The San Siro

Why build a new stadium when you can buy the one you are currently renting? That seems to be the mindset of Sunong who reportedly want to buy the San Siro outright.

The Rossoneri had been planning to move out and build their own stadium in the Portello area of the city, but President Silvio Berlusconi ultimately pulled the plug on the project as Milan don’t have that kind of money.

Currently the plan is for the two sides to continue sharing Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, but with improvements made to the old stadium.

Now Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Suning Group President Zhang Jindong asked about buying the whole stadium in his first meeting with Milan’s mayor, Beppe Sala.

However, the Nerazzurri owner was told that there is a rental agreement with Milan until 2030, so the council couldn’t sell San Siro even if they wanted to.

One reason why Suning wants to own the San Siro instead of building a smaller stadium elsewhere in the city is the fact that Inter continues to lead Serie A in average attendance.

Corriere dello Sport report that Inter are hoping to hit 900,000 total attendance for the season. Inter have averaged 47,368 this season. Going by average figures, Inter need at least 236,848 spectators in the stands across the remaining four home games of the season.

The days of 60,000+ fans attending every home game might be gone, but with a good summer in the transfer market and a full pre-season for Pioli, there is no reason why Inter can break the 1 million fan level next season.

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