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In one of the most renowned universities of the world, the Inter 2009-2010 makes its debut in the first friendly of the season against the local representative of the campus, the UCLA Bruins, and it is on this that the Nerazzurri like to welcome new faces new of the new Inter: those who make it even stronger thanks to their experience, see Milito and Thiago Motta, and those who want to learn to grow up with these colors, see right, Krhin, and Obi Bélec.
Work in progress. FC Inter is perhaps that has yet to take shape, and the heat (35 ° degrees flying over Los Angeles) certainly does not help, but the Nerazzurri in the diagram there is one thing that does not change: the desire to fight, that that arouses displeasure for a draw (2-2 on the final), despite what this afternoon was just the first appointment of a long and far more difficult season.

FIRST TIME – It’s hot, very, field center dell’UCLA university and, at 5 minutes, the atmosphere heats up even more thanks to Balotelli and saved to his right in two halves of Perk, the goalkeeper is repeated shortly after by Joel on Obi. Boosted with a few, and especially with the work of Amantino Mancini, Inter will forward mainly by exploiting the bands, it does so with Muntari pointing directly to the pilings Perk. The Californian goalkeeper deflects to the side for a 5 ° angle Nerazzurri.
A nice shot of Patrick Vieira’s head on the corner of calcium Balotelli, ending just above the high street. At the first corner in your favor, training dell’Ucla American advantage in passing through the blow head Carasco to 39 °.

SECOND TIME – In the second half, apart from the constant Burdisso and Mancini, a whole entire different again from a 4-3-3 in attack outside Balotelli, a victim of a contusion to the left foot and right, inside Milito and Ibrahimovic. A midfield Cambiasso, Vieira, Muntari and leave room for Quaresma, Chivu and Thiago Motta. Orlandoni replaces Bélec and defensive line will see Krhin Materazzi and that, with the band master arm, marks the first goal of the season with the Nerazzurri left put on a football angle (4 ‘st).
The doubling comes with Dejan Stankovic who served a perfect cross for Mancini, bags, head, at the poles with a real blow to the kidneys (67 ‘). A few minutes later (70 ‘) Griffin leads the result in equal Munoz served as well. The Nerazzurri have the option of tris with the coup that Milito’s head, but hit the pole back gate Perk.

Inter Milan continues its preparation: the Nerazzurri on Sunday will return July 21 against Club America in Palo Alto.

UCLA Bruins – INTER 2-2
Scorers: 39 ‘Carasco, 49’ st Materazzi, 67 ‘Stankovic, 70’ Griffin

Inter: Bélec, Cordoba, Burdisso, Samuel, Stankovic, Muntari, Vieira, Cambiasso, Obi, Mancini, Balotelli, Right.
Available: Orlandoni, Quaresma, Materazzi, Chivu, Stankovic, Motta, Krhin, Ibrahimovic, Milito;
Coach: José Mourinho

UCLA Bruins: Perk; Sacharin, Avalos, Suits, Alvarado, Akugo, Paul Devis, Carasco, Stevens, Nakazawa, Griffin;
A disposizione: 15 Birnbaum, 16 Mandlebaum, 17 Hollingshead, 14 Rajner, 9 Munoz,
Coaches: Kiel mechklung, Scot Hollingfshead

Referee: Alex Gorin