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UEFA Confirms Inter v Getafe Postponed

UEFA have confirmed the Europa League matches for Sevilla and Getafe, against Roma and Inter respectively, will not be staged this week.

The news followed on from Getafe president Angel Torres confirming his side will not travel to Italy for their scheduled Europa League tie at Inter.

“Unless this situation change a lot, Getafe will not travel to Italy tomorrow,” Torres told Onda Cero on Tuesday night.

“We have asked UEFA to consider an alternative to playing in Milan. We have asked for help from the Spanish FA too.

“If we have to lose the tie, we’ll lose it. I’m not going to take any kind of risk.”

The huge question is what does UEFA do now? This afternoon, the World Health Organization announced that they were officially upgrading the Coronavirus/COVID-19 status to a global pandemic.

However, despite the seriousness of the situation, UEFA continue to insist they postponed the Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe games only because of the travel restrictions put in place by the Spanish Government, banning flights to and from Italy, not the health crisis behind the decision.

“We received a note from UEFA informing us that tomorrow’s game will not be played,” Getafe director general Clemente Villaverde told reporters.

“We thank UEFA for their support during the current emergency situation and will accept their decision on when the game should be played. We don’t know yet what the decision will be, but we trust it’ll be the best option for all involved.

“There is the possibility of playing a one-off game on neutral turf, rather than over two legs. In any case, we’ll accept the decision taken by UEFA.”

UEFA is absolutely clueless about this. They don’t want to cancel the Champions League or Europa League because they will lose put on the revenue, but it is clear that is where we are heading.