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Why Sabatini Is Right About Selling The Kids

Over the weekend, former Inter chief Walter Sabatini said he believes that Suning will “cash in” on the talent inside the club’s academy.

“The youth team really does represent the heritage of the business, of Inter and of Suning,” Sabatini told FCInter1908.it.

“I am very happy for the lads, especially as this success isn’t just for them, but produce revenue, because the players who win are always more appetising on the transfer market.

“Inter need to cash in, so my compliments to the lads and everyone at Inter who contributed to this success. I am no longer there, but I expect these players will be sold to raise funds and can be brought back with options and clauses.”

Inter have already started the cash in on academy by using of of the stars in their championship winning team Nicolò Zaniolo, in a deal for Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan.

Look for Inter to also try and balance the books by the end of June by selling Ionut Radu and Xian Emmers to Genoa, with buy-back clauses. The two, goalkeeper Radu (currently on loan at Avellino) and midfielder Emmers are expected to raise €10m.

Other academy players reported to be up for sale with buy-back clauses are Marco Pompetti, Davide Bettealla adn Andrea Pinamonti.

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