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Zanetti: Suning Offer Guarantees For Success

Javier Zanetti has reassured Inter fans that Suning Group offer guarantees for success and is ignoring Milan’s “very different” path.

In a wide-ranging, second part of his interview with Gazzetta dello Sport on Wednesday, Zanetti explained the various initiatives that Inter had embarked on under Suning Group and the reasons behind them.

“Three years as an executive? It was a great experience, I studied a lot, I continue to do so and I’m starting to feel complete in this role,” continued the club legend.

“My approach is the same as when I was a player: with great humility, desire to grow and love for a club that have given me a great deal, not only on a sporting level but above all humanly.

“I love Inter, I always feel a great deal of love around me. In any case, the fans can be calm because there are owners here, who really care about the club.

“They want to bring [Inter] to the top of the world, and they’ve shown [their intentions] with facts.

“Today, there are clear roles and important skills in each sector, and there’s a constant desire to build a team.

“Everyone here has a precise task, and there’s a technical team of the highest level, namely sporting director Piero Ausilio, Coach Luciano Spalletti and technical coordinator Walter Sabatini.

“After that, there’s another big group that work to modernise the structures and infrastructures here, to bring the Inter brand to every corner of the world, with ever-greater strength.

“A new era has begun, even at the level of communication strategy… I’m thinking about the digital platform we’ve just presented, Inter Media House, an international project that will allow us to widen the base of our fans everywhere.

“We’ll provide daily content all around the world, through our various channels. As our CEO Antonello says, clubs are increasingly becoming entertainment and media-orientated.

“I’d also like to highlight the social work we’ve been doing for some time with Inter Campus, a success story recognised by the world’s top football institutions.

“Inter have always had a special focus on society. I’ve also been working on the ‘Inter in the Community’ project for the past year, pushing various initiatives for the benefit of people in poverty.

“Fans disappointed with the summer transfer window? I’ll just stick to the facts. Suning has invested a lot since they got here.

“Of course, we have to deal with Financial Fair Play. We’ve always respected the rules, but our restrictions have been lifted and we can go back to our usual level in the market soon.

“In the meantime, the best guarantee for fans lies in the facts, in the various initiatives that I’ve described above, in the restructuring of Pinetina, in search of a new youth complex and and in the major modernisation projects that involve San Siro, our stadium, the Giuseppe Meazza.

“In short, we’re talking about long-term projects that highlight the owners’ desire to bind themselves to Inter and the city of Milan.

“It’s no coincidence that Steven Zhang, son of [Suning owner] Zhang Jindong, has settled here.

“Achievements on the pitch come as the result of being a great club [off it], we’re laying concrete foundations.

“We’re becoming firmer, we’re calm and our work is being recognised overseas too: we’re an active part of the European Club Association, and we enjoy the sincere esteem of FIFA and UEFA.

“I have a direct relationship with world and European leaders [in football]. After that, I follow the strategic projects that take the Inter brand to all parts of the world, such as the new academies we’ve opened in Japan, Argentina, China, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

“Fassone on debts? The paths chosen by the two clubs are very different and I repeat that Inter are only looking at themselves. Our strategies are clear for all to see.”

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