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Zang Says Return To Champions League is First The First Step

Zhang Jindong said on Tuesday that Inter’s return to Champions League football was just the “first step” in their plan to return the Italian team to past glory.

“First of all, I want to congratulate you all for this great achievement!” Zhang wrote in an open letter to Inter that was published on the club’s website.

“After six seasons, Inter has finally returned to the Champions League, the most prestigious competition in European football!

“We have waited a long time for this day to come and this result is the fruit of your constant work. Congratulations!”

“Looking back over this season, we had a good start and then we experienced a difficult and less calm period that we were able to overcome thanks to your dedication and effort.

“With the desire to compete and win, we have reached our objective. This return to the Champions League is the first step, the start of a long road to tread together with the passion and confidence that the whole Nerazzurri family has shown.”

“Even though the Serie A competition has just finished, our work off the pitch continues, we are all already preparing for the next season,” he added.

“Many of our players will also be playing in the World Cup to honour their countries and I hope that they play with the same spirit that has always distinguished us: ‘Brothers of the World’. Forza Inter!”

With Champions League football here and no FFP restrictions, this is a huge summer for Suning to show their ambitions, with a good Mercato.

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