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Zhang Says “Inter’s Mercato Definitely Isn’t Over”

Steven Zhang of Suning Group promises “Inter’s transfer market isn’t over here” as “we’ll reinforce the team further”.

Matias Vecino will take his Nerazzurri medical today, joining Milan Skriniar and Borja Valero as Inter’s summer signings. In addition, the son of Suning’s owner Zhang Jindong has confirmed that the spending will continue.

“Regardless of the results in pre-season tournaments we want to strengthen our team,” Zhang Jr told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“People who aren’t on board with our project are better off leaving the club, those who really believe in it are welcome.

“In terms of big names, I’m aware of the pressures of the transfer market and what has happened in the past few months, but it doesn’t matter how long we take and the names being roared, what matters is that our sporting executives and our Coach [Luciano Spalletti] find the right profiles.

“Buying big names doesn’t mean you’re buying the right names for Inter, a great name is one who works with the human and tactical project.

“Those who have come in so far have entered into the squad perfectly, they’re happy to be part of Inter. Regardless of the name.

“When you come to Inter, your heart, your blood, and your skin must be Nerazzurro. And when you go out onto the pitch, you don’t just have your name but the history of Inter.

“Obviously we’ll reinforce the team further, there’s still a month until the end of the transfer window. For names and technical questions, ask Spalletti, [Piero] Ausilio and [Walter] Sabatini.

“Inter’s market definitely isn’t over here.”

Zhang ended the interview by speaking very highly of Luciano Spalletti:

“Having spent so much time with him and having listened to what people inside and outside the club, I understand he’s a great professional who invests so much time in every aspect of the game.

“He’s completely focused on his work. What matters is not whether I’m happy, but that he’s Inter Coach and we’ll support him from the first day to the last, any time and for any thing.

“He really deserves this support, and I think every component of the club understands that. I want him to feel that we’re close to him every day, especially when the official season begins.”

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