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Moratti: Gap To Juventus Has Closed

Massimo MorattiFormer Inter owner Massimo Moratti believes that the clubs current squad is “on the level” of Juventus, and “a few tweaks” will close the gap.

Juventus have been head and shoulders above everyone in Serie A in recent years, winning five straight Scudetto’s and having a seven-point lead this season.

While Inter might be 15 points behind the leaders, they have won eight of their last nine Serie A games, and their former President believes the gap is narrowing.

“As a fan you always have faith in your team,” Moratti told Sky.

“Today it’s justified to have faith, because there’s substance behind it.

“Inter are now exciting everyone, everyone has so much hope and wants to go and see them.

“In addition to the passion of the fans, there’s also the feeling that there’s a positive future ahead.

“The gap with Juve? It’s no longer so wide, it just needs a few tweaks. The squad is on that level.”

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